Robbers Shoot Woman in a Midtown Building
21 September 2006
The New York Times
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A group of men pistol-whipped a woman at a building near the garment district yesterday afternoon and then shot her, fleeing with a purse that contained $500, the police and people who work in the building said.

Detectives are investigating the possibility that a group of three men knew the woman was carrying cash and followed her from a bank to the building, which is at 45 West 34th Street, just east of Herald Square, the police said. The woman was attacked in a hallway on the 12th floor of the building, where investigators believe she worked.

The woman, 42, who lives in Queens but whose name the police did not immediately release, was struck in the left arm by a bullet that then hit her chest and exited through her back, the police said. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where she was in stable condition last evening, the police said.

The violence unfolded about 3:45 p.m. It snarled Midtown traffic as detectives scoured the area looking for the three suspects, who had run out an exit on the 35th Street side of the building. People in the building said the suspects might have run down a rear stairway.

Jassi Dhillon, 41, a business consultant for Nazir Associates, on the 12th floor, said he had heard noises and followed them from his office to a common vestibule, where he saw a woman wearing a light pink shirt and black pants lying on her back, bleeding.

''It was like a river,'' he said. ''It was like she was dead.''

Mr. Dhillon said another woman was leaning over the victim, pressing her chest in an attempt to stanch the bleeding.

The injured woman was saying, ''I don't want to die,'' said Mr. Dhillon, who said the second woman was trying to comfort her. Mr. Dhillon said he had urged the injured woman to ''please talk,'' so that she did not slip into unconsciousness.

The victim was able to say that she had emerged from the women's bathroom when three men approached her, attacked her, grabbed her purse, shot her and ran.
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